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A Bit About Ben

Ben Vyfschaft is currently a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Precision Fitness and Performance Centre. He is a graduate from the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at Fanshawe College and a NSCA-CPT certified personal trainer. 

Ben is fueled by his passion to help young athletes improve their performance to reach the next level. As a current player for FC London’s League1 Men’s Team, he has been playing soccer his whole life and wants to combine his knowledge of the soccer specific demands with his strength & conditioning knowledge to help players reach the college/pro level. 

His hunger to help young athletes and continue to endlessly learn has fueled his success in such a short time at Precision Fitness. Only being in the fitness industry for 8 months, Ben has worked alongside soccer athletes of all ages from clubs such as FC London, London TFC Academy, Alliance FC, Whitecaps London, Oakridge Inferno, and more! His passion to educate and train young athletes has no limit and he continues to expand his training throughout the city.

Ben is currently looking to get more involved with soccer players and clubs in London to implement strength & conditioning and sport specific training into their programs and help athletes reach the next level! Reach out to for a FREE consultation and start your fitness journey with BenSportsPerformance!

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1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 training personalizes the experience with the trainer and offers an individualized program tailored specifically for the athlete. The athlete will receive 100% focus throughout the program and every adjustment will be based on their progression.



Partner Training

Partner training integrates a competitive component to your training where you and your partner can challenge one another each session to become better athletes! While the program is tailored to the needs and demands of both athletes, it still offers a high level of individualization and guarantees each athlete will progress based off their current level of fitness.


Small Group (4-6 people)

Small group training consists of 4-6 athletes during a session and takes a more general approach to the athletes needs and demands. This training should be done with athletes of the same sport or even more specifically, the same position. The similar the athletes are the more individualized the program will be to meet the athletes specific needs.


Team Training (15-18 players)

Team training provides a great experience for athletes to work collectively as a team. The training will be sport specific so that each aspect of the program will yield the most results for everyone participating. Team training is great for increasing team moral, team camaraderie, competitiveness, and enjoyment!

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What People Are Saying

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Daniel Oshana

I trained with Ben for 3 months and found every session to be well planned and catered for my specific needs. Ben excels as a trainer and is very dedicated to what he does, he gives 100% every session from creating the workouts, to correcting my form and pushing me to the next level. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these sessions because they were highly intense, and Ben targeted my specific areas that needed improvement which is key for any athlete. I have gained strength, speed and agility which was very noticeable as I returned to soccer training this month. If you’re looking to improve your fitness, physique and achieve any goal you have in mind, Ben is your man!
FC London L1 Men’s Team

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